Titles for 2019

We chose our titles for 2019 during our October and November meetings.  Here's our list:

2019 (Our 16th year!)
January 28
Galbraith, Robert
February 25
Jackson, Joshilyn
March 25
Heller, Peter
April 29
Shetterly, Margot Lee
May 20
Berg, Elizabeth
June 24 
Locke, Atttica
July 29
Westover, Tara
August 26
Wiggs, Susan
September 30
Ide, Joe
October 28
Kiernan, Denise
November 25
Hannah, Kristin
December 9th @ 3pm —Coffee Chat about your favorite books of 2019
& get our new list for 2020

For those of you keeping track--here's the listing for all the titles we've read over the last 16 years! Book Discussion Lists 2004-2019


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